Skogsupproret (Forest Rebellion) is a grassroots movement that emerged in 2020 from the collaboration between Extinction Rebellion activists and Sami activists. We use peaceful actions and civil disobedience to fight against forest abuse and support the struggle for Indigenous rights.

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We want a social system that respects human rights and planetary boundaries. This would mean forestry that does not deplete forest ecosystems, but instead promotes biodiversity, climate and human and indigenous rights.

Such a fair and respectful system is also free from domination and colonialism. Sami gryps experience pressure from exploitative industries and (state) colonial behavior. Supporting the resistance of Sami communities means taking a stand against colonial mentality and against industrial destruction of ecosystems, as well as for the traditional way of life and livelihood of indigenous peoples. Indigenous people represent 5% of the global population, yet they protect 80% of the biodiversity of our planet.

We recognize that Indigenous peoples are entitled to have their rights respected, not only on paper but also in practice. One of these rights is the right to Free, Prior & Informed Consent (FPIC). This means a consultation process without manipulation or time pressure, controlled by the affected group with the right to say No.

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We want to mobilize people from all sides to civil disobedience and direct action to stand behind Sápmi and the voices that have long criticized Sweden's colonial forestry. Many groups are active when it comes to the forest and this is where we believe we can play a meaningful role in the ecology of the movement.

Through patrolling endangered forests in Sápmi and direct action, we have already succeeded in protecting forests and supporting Indigenous Sámi people on the ground. With the help of donations, we want to expand these methods in the future and reach more people. Right now, many of our activists come from the southern parts of Sweden or other European countries, but we would like to include people from many different backgrounds, from all parts of the country.

However, if we really want to make a difference, we need to be aware of the root causes of systematic oppression. We strive to decolonize ourselves and carry out decolonized activism based on relationships of trust and responsibility. Translating these principles into daily work is an ongoing process that requires humility, reflection and understanding.

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The Forest Rebellion uses a structure called the Self Organizing System (SOS). It is a flat and changeable structure that decentralizes leadership to everyone. We do not depend on a board of directors, but decisions are made by the groups that initiate the proposals and are affected by the decisions. We are made up of smaller working groups (e.g. media, logistics, outreach) and they work together through coordination meetings. We want to create a culture where everyone feels welcome, has the courage to be open and to say no.

We are part of the climate and human rights movement where all groups contribute with their different methods, knowledge and perspectives. Therefore, we collaborate with other organizations such as Greenpeace, Field Biologists and Amnesty to achieve our goals together. For example, we have collaborated between organizations together with the Muonio sameby to support the sameby on site in the resistance to the state-owned company Sveaskog.

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